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4th - 9th Grade

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Warriors Elite Basketball

Warriors Elite is a program under Healthy Kidz of Tomorrow. Our teams start from grades 3rd through 12th grade. This program will offer all the basics from physical training to learning the basic and advanced tools for all those who are inspired to be great basketball players. It will also teach life goals such as discipline, team concepts, the importance of education, and various motivational aspects.

Sign up today and receive training in defense, speed, footwork, ball handling, shooting, conditioning, rebounding, dribbling, driving, finishing IQ , and more. Our basketball season includes 2 sessions . Session 1 is from November through May and session 2 is from June to July. Any other special tournaments and or summer invitations are separate. 

US Amateur SWFL Showcase    - Port Charlott       February 9th - 10th      2019

Thanks to parents and student-athletes for attending the 2019 Warriors Elite Basketball Tryouts.

Cape Coral Police Department Scrimmaged 8th Grade Warriors 2019

Thanks to everyone who supported our cause to help our 7th grade team travel to the World Jr. NBA Regional (May 31st - June 4th). Let's Go Warriors!

Congratulation to the Warriors 4th Grade team for winning the 2018 USSSA Florida Championship!

Warriors 2018 Awards Banquet

Warriors Elite 2018 Basketball Banquet

2020 WEB Streetball Tournament 4th & 5th Grade